DeFi and Do Good

There have been many wonderful developments in the Acumen ecosystem: the launch of V2, the announcement of the stable dapp and much more.

This blog post will detail Acumen’s roadmap for the rest of 2021 and 2022, as well as briefly describe how each product fits into the overarching ecosystem.


· Acumen’s Vision is to enable fair access to capital for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs in developing nations (microfinance)

· The Acumen StableDapp will use stablecoin deposits in crypto to give out microfinance credits to such business, while enabling the users to generate a stable uncorrelated yield


Over the past decade, there have been many wonderful developments in the blockchain space, improving blockchain technology and its implication on our financial system. With the development of faster, cheaper, and more efficient blockchains, there has never been a better time to start using blockchain for real-world applications, which…


Acumen harnesses DeFi to power micro finance globally. Built natively on solana Acumen is a pioneer in using DeFi to address financial inclusion.

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