Acumen Ecosystem: Roadmap

3 min readNov 18, 2021


There have been many wonderful developments in the Acumen ecosystem: the launch of V2, the announcement of the stable dapp and much more.

This blog post will detail Acumen’s roadmap for the rest of 2021 and 2022, as well as briefly describe how each product fits into the overarching ecosystem.

The Acumen ecosystem will be comprised of 3 main products: the lending platform, the Stable dapp, and the Acumen Swap.


The StableDapp is Acumen’s heart and soul. It was described earlier in our vision, but to recap the most important aspects, it allows DeFi users to earn a stable yield generated through real-life microfinance loans given to El Salvadorian entrepreneurs and small businesses. The loans are collateralized with real-life assets that will be transferred to the Acumen DAO should a loan fail. The Acumen DAO is going to be a fully legal organization incorporated in El Salvador and owned by Acumen token holders. The impact of microfinance on developing nations has been the topic of many scientific publications and Acumen wants to use crypto to do good in the world. At the same time, for the DeFi user, not only will there be a stable yield to earn (one that does not fluctuate with Crypto prices), but also they will be able to keep using a share of their locked up token in the Acumen ecosystem and by extension the Solana ecosystem. The locked-up funds are not “dead money”, instead they bear interest and a part can continue to be used.

Lending Platform:

Acumen’s lending platform was the network’s minimum viable product and represented the first aspect of Acumen that was live with users. While it is not the main product of Acumen, it plays a key role, facilitating StableDapp user’s continued usage of the Solana ecosystem. As the protocol matures, the lending platform will provide a route for users to leverage their deposits on the StableDapp and allow them to have exposure to more volatile investments, while still making a stable, uncorrelated APY. Furthermore, the lending platform integrates a lot of the liquidity pool token found in the Solana ecosystem and seeks to integrate more and more projects to become a true launchpad for DeFi exploration on Solana.

Acumen Swap Dapp:

The Acumen swap dapp is the final missing piece to complete the product. It is a cross-chain bridge that allows users to bridge their assets from different chains and use it as collateral on the Acumen lending platform as well as the StableDapp. Users deposit their assets onto the bridge, and they are wrapped by the Acumen smart contract to allow them to utilize their assets on the Solana blockchain. The Swap Dapp will play an important role in the ecosystem, as it allows Acumen to tap into more liquidity by spreading it’s reach to multiple chains.

With these three products, Acumen seeks to become a force that enables microfinance and financial inclusivity across the globe, starting in El Salvador, while remaining fully integrated with the Solana ecosystem and, in fact, reaching beyond.

Q4 2021

· Partnerships to broaden the use of the lending platform and include more parts of the Solana ecosystem

· Government partnership announcement

· LP token support added (starting with MER and SBR LP token)

· Yield farming pairs for ACMN/USDC

· Introducing the Acumen Governance Token (ACMN) and IDO

· Stable Dapp launch

· Smart Contract Audit

Q1 2022

· First loans distributed in El Salvador

· Expanding into different countries

· Partnering with established microfinance players

· Multi asset collateral loans

· Acumen Swap Devnet

Q2 2022

· Acumen Swap Mainnet

About Acumen

Acumen harnesses DeFi to power microfinance globally. Built natively on Solana Acumen is a pioneer in using DeFi to address financial inclusion.

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Acumen are determined to provide sustainable yields for users whilst empowering emerging economies. Being EVM-Compatible extends Acumen's reach far and wide!