Important: Snapshot for EVM move taken

2 min readNov 10, 2022


Dear Acumen Community,

As you are well aware, Acumen is building its future on EVM compatible chains. Firstly: we were not impacted by the FTX bankruptcy. We hold no funds on FTX, most of our funding is actually in fiat.

However, due to the events unfolding at FTX and any potential issues that could affect the Solana ecosystem, we have had to take a drastic step to protect our token holders:

We have taken a snapshot of all holders of the $ACM token on Solana as of right now (8.22pm EST on November 11th, 2022). All of these holders of unlocked $ACM token will receive the new token on EVM chains when it becomes available, all of the fairlaunch holders of locked token will be treated the same as before as well. Nobody will be left behind.

Our worry is that due to the FTX fall out validators on Solana could be in trouble, bridged assets will de-peg and the network may become unstable again. There is a chance assets become “de facto locked” on Solana as bridges might fail to work. We do not wish to expose our token to these kind of conditions. If, against the fears of the team, the Solana ecosystem continues to work without problems, we will consider re-establishing the market on Dexlab if our users request it. But we believe it would be better to wait for the EVM version now.

In the mean time:
PLEASE ENSURE YOU STOP TRADING ON THE CURRENT MARKET. $ACM token bought there from this point forward are worthless.

If you can show that you had buy orders on the Dexlab/Serum DEX set from PRIOR to the snapshot time which were filled AFTER the snapshot, you can show us the evidence and you will be compensated in USDC. We have snapshotted all of these orders as well the liquidity providers.

Again, we have not been impacted by the FTX outage, but with the EVM move already in progress, we do not want the token holders to be exposed to what could become a very fragile situation and we wish to also safeguard the liquidity provided by the project for the EVM token.

For more information on Acumen please checkout our FAQ at

The Team




Acumen are determined to provide sustainable yields for users whilst empowering emerging economies. Being EVM-Compatible extends Acumen's reach far and wide!